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Optometric Exams

Much more than a prescription

A well operating visual system is essential for children and adults who need to function at a high level.  The eyes are the body's primary organ for gathering, interpreting and reacting to information in the environment. It is incredibly important to make sure that the eyes are healthy and functioning at a top level.  Completing an annual eye exam is the best way to ensure that you and your loved ones are achieving top visual performance.  

There is no other sense more important to learning than that of the human eye.
- Dr. Hamilton

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Custom Fitting

Better designs for a better fit

Every face is different, that's what makes you unique. The staff at Round Rock Family Eye Care is specially trained to make sure that your glasses fit just right. We want our patients to look and feel their best; we make sure our patients stay up to date on the latest fashion trends and designs.


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Care at every stage

We're experienced with all ages

For adults we provide timely, extensive eye examinations with the latest technology and an excellent selection of eyeglasses. For children we offer the same great services and Optomap digital retinal examinations at no additional charge. Dr. Hamilton has been specially trained in vision development/children's vision. He has completed the Optometric Extension Foundation series on vision development, training and therapy. This coursework is extensive and comprehensive and has enabled Dr. Hamilton to offer his patients the best treatment options and outcomes.

Many of our optical staff have twenty plus years of patient care experience. We see patients from all walks of life. We can service your needs whether you're as little as a year old or well into your senior years. Come see us today.

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Live life better

Orthokeratology is a process that uses custom designed gas permeable contact lenses to temporarily reshape the contour of the cornea to reduce myopia (nearsightedness) and other vision problems. Patients that use orthokeratology lenses report a high level of satisfaction because glasses and contact lenses aren't needed during waking hours.  In addition to the benefit of lens-free daytime vision, orthokeratology is appreciated for its ability to slow the progression of myopia. A number of published clinical studies have found that orthokeratology lens designs inhibit lengthening of the eye, which slows the progression of nearsightedness.

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Prescription Sunglasses

Prescription Sunglasses

Our eyes are sensitive. Sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful Ultra Violet (UV) rays emitted from the sun, which can cause cataracts and other eye problems. An estimated 20% of cataract cases are caused by extended UV exposure. So it's very important to make sure your eyes stay protected with high quality sunglasses. While sunglasses are also a great fashion statement, it's a great idea to have a pair with you throughout the day, especially when on the road or spending long hours outside. 

Superior Frames. Superior Lenses. Superior Service.

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